Sunday, 4 September 2011

Gorillaz Korg i-Electribe - A New Moment for Pop?

Originally I didn't understand the point of an ipad, until my friend Rupert Russell convinced of it's multi-dimensional merits.

Aside from the synths & music apps, I was converted to the Ipad after browsing through some Spiderman comics at the airport. Who'd have thought?

The Gorillaz new album, The Fall,' was made mostly on an ipad. Apparently Damon Albarn was so enamoured with Korg i-electribe, Gorillaz went on to release their own customised version as an app.
The Gorillaz Korg i-electribe gives you plenty of original material to re-mix & re-model.

You can even bounce down your creations onto Soundcloud. Unfortunately their seem to be copyright issues for public usage, but maybe that's the next step in the revolution.

Perhaps, instead of library music, we'll get more copyright free apps for composers/musicians of every stripe to fuck around with & make their own original work. This could even create a totally new plunderphonics style revolution. It's only a thought.

Back to The Goriilaz -There's some great video tutorials about how to work the app & make music.

From the point of view of being a songwriter, it's just a total privilege to be able to pull apart Damon Albarn's songwriting, which I've been a fan of since the word go!

Whilst I was looking through all the videos, I noticed that someone had their own very unique approach to the app & had transformed the Gorillaz synth to sound more like an off shoot from the Venetian Snares. Check this monster out!

This is one of those videos that makes me believe in the power of technology. People just pick up software & transform it according to their own taste. It's almost punk. The words 'expression,' or 'beast' could be equally applied to this particular example.

Now I bet that would make 2D, Murdoc & Noodle happy wouldn't they?

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