Tuesday, 21 January 2014


 CRUX is a London Based Improvised Audio-Visual Collective inaugurated in January 2013, by Club Legend & Artist, Matthew Glamorre. For 6 weeks, CRUX was run as an underground, interactive, performance soiree, somewhere in the depths of Soho. Music was improvised all night by Glamorre, alongside Minty’s Richard Torry & Composer Neil Kaczor, with myself completing the house band's musical monstrosities on keyboard & vocals. 

Thursday, 2 January 2014


CRUX is a London Based Improvised Audio-Visual Collective inaugurated in January 2013, by Club Legend & Artist, Matthew Glamorre. For 6 weeks, CRUX was run as an underground, interactive, performance soiree, somewhere in the depths of Soho. Music was improvised all night by Glamorre, alongside Minty’s Richard Torry & Composer Neil Kaczor. I also joined in the house band's musical monstrosities on keyboard & vocals.
We were joined by guest performers such as Kimatica Studio, Winnie The Poof, She Pig, Salena Saliva Godden & Walter from Atsuko Kudo. Resident photographer, Gaynor Perry spectacularly captured the series of events. Special Thanks goes to Erik Moore & all at Zero 1 I Soho. Resident VJ's included by Manu Panos, Marek Tarkowski, Dr Linda Hogg & Glamorre
The Series below is a range of shots of myself in action at CRUX, taken by Gaynor Perry. I was also busy snapping some of the performances in action courtesy of Instagram addiction, so stay tuned for further posts!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Ripley Scroll at The Science Museum

Named after Alchemist George Ripley, The Ripley Scroll was a golden key in the understanding of The practices & beliefs of Alchemy. Intended to be viewed in a single glance, they were often accompanied by English Alchemical Poetry.
The Scroll on display at The Science Museum dates from the 18th Century & is thought to have been commissioned by a wealthy patron. These intricate shots were taken on an afternoon's stroll round The Science Museum & is part of the 'Signs, Symbols & Secrets,' exhibition until April 2013. God Bless Instagram.

This is the Dragon Ourobos: a symbol of chemical dissolution. He dissolves silver & gold which are symbolised by the moon & sun.

 This is believed to be Hermes Trismegistus; the legendary inventor of Egyptian Alchemy & author of the emerald tablet; the most important of all alchemical works.

These three figures symbolise the body, spirit & soul. Alchemists often describe metals as being like bodies.
 The chemical process in the creation of the philosopher's stone as taught to an apprentice.

Bird of Hermes

Three balks red,white & black represent different uses of philosophers stone, one of which is the ability to transform metal into gold/silver & to produce good health & longevity.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Performance Alive in London - Part 1

Dear Bishi World,

After my series of shows at The Print Room, I've got to be honest, I went off the idea of blogging - mostly from being utterly knocked out from getting together 'Albion Voice Live'. Does that happen to any of you out there? Thought So.  

{The sneak preview of 'Albion Voice,' Live at the Print Room is above! Thanks to all the SUPER team at The Print Room for making the shows possible!}

What I have realised is that Performance is alive & well in London. So up yours to anyone who begs to differ. I've been mesmerised by the amount of new & revolutionary work this capital throws up at us.

Anna Meredith 'Hands Free,' - The Proms 2012

Commissioned by The National Youth Orchestra, Anna Meredith's piece 'Hands Free,' was an immersive piece for the entire orchestra & premiered at The Proms 2012 by The National Youth Orchestra.

I could only describe it as being somewhere between an early David Bedford Sound Piece combined with some Pina Bausch style choreography. It was an exhilarating ending to an evening that began with The National Youth Orchestra playing pieces by Edgar Varese, Nico Muhly & Messaien's 'Turangalila,' Symphony. The atmosphere in the Albert Hall was electric.

 Anna Meredith's new EP, 'Black Prince Fury,' is out now Moshi Moshi Records & she appears at the Ether Festival 2012.

Ed Fornieles & The Dreamy Awards

The Dreamy Awards is artist/provocateur Ed Fornieles latest immersive project for The Serpentine Gallery. The Dreamy Awards is designed to recognise "those individuals & institutions that are helping to shape our current cultural & technological landscape.' It was an awards ceremony with a philosophical twist. Watch Zac Effron, accept his award here:

As in earlier works such as 'Dorm Daze,' each person attending becomes a participant, adopting a character creating an endless narrative with a myriad of dimensions. 

{Carrie Cassette Player & Myself, taken by Ronojoy Dam}
 What really interested me was at the point where people began to loose a sense of themselves within their created persona's. Conversations between people blurred the boundaries between reality & character play into a state of sub-euphoria.

There was even a face off between some of the 'jerk,' characters & rapper Mykki Bianco. Bianco was unaware that the fight being provoked, was entirely scripted. After years of promoting nightclubs, events & performances - this took the social experience to the next level. By parodying aspects of the digital age, Ed Fornieles' work creates a secret door into which we can escape to another world. Similar to the internet, in that case.

Until Part Two….See you! xx

Friday, 15 June 2012

Bishi & The Dark Magic of Angela Carter

Photo By Julian Foxton

2012 is the 20 year death anniversary of Angela Carter, one of the late 20th Century's most influential & ground breaking writers.

A few years back, I had the joy of being one of the judges for The PRS Foundation's 'New Music Award,' where I met fellow judge & outstanding pianist Joanna MacGregor.

We really hit it off . So much so, that she invited me to be a part of a very special performance to close The Bath Festival 2012 entitled, 'The Dark Magic of Angela Carter.'

 MacGregor was commissioned by The Angela Carter Estate, to set to music, some unpublished poems , that I had the honour of singing as a world premiere. This very prestigious evening, also featured readings by, one of Carter's close friends, Marina Warner & actress, Harriet Walter.

The presentation was loosely based on Carter's musical selection from Desert Island Discs. We were joined by Kiku Day on Shakuhachi, Genevieve Wilkins on Percussion & Martynas Levickis on Accordion, in an evening of music & spoken word. 

 Photo By Julian Foxton

I can say hand on my heart that being involved with this show has been one of the most exceptional I've ever experienced. You couldn't hear a pin drop in the room.

Meeting Marina Warner has been particularly inspiring, having been a fan of her writing for so long. After the performance, she recounted how establishment figures, such as Salman Rushdie, revered Angela Carter's work & recognised her magnitude as a writer. I was totally blown away.

I've also been enjoying Susannah Clapp's book - 'A postcard from Angela Carter,' whom I also had the pleasure of meeting. Do buy it if you are a fan - it's a heart warming read.

I hear there are plans to bring the show to London - I really hope that this can happen!

Many Thanks to Julian Foxton Photography, The Bath Festival & Claudine Spiteri at  Livestock Productions.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bishi & The Diamond Jubilee

Love or Hate The Monarchy, there's no denying they know how to put on a good show & create the most jaw dropping spectacle. Whether it's weddings, flotilla's or post pop concert fireworks, no one tops The House of Windsor. Personally, I am interested in The Royal Family as a controversial institution that continue to divide the people in their opinions.

I was amazed how  the feeling was on the streets of London was wonderfully mellow with empty champagne bottles lining up The Embankment instead of the traditional pools litter & vomit. 


The New Line of Bishi Ltd edition Prints & Ceramics are on display as part of a groups show called, 'Souvneir.'

Curated by Josh Knowles, The Pump House Gallery in Battersea, is hosting a month long exhibition of Royal Memorabilia provided by the public. 'Souvenir,' is an on going project by Knowles about popular culture, mass production & souvenirs.
Here are some photos about the exhibition:

In the spirit of Queens & regality I just have to add how INCREDIBLE I thought Grace Jones, Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones & McCartney were at The Diamond Jubilee Concert. It was the legends who were showing up the kids this week. And what a joy it was.


Thursday, 24 May 2012

DJ Fun at SOS

Last week I had the pleasure of DJ-ing at Jim Warboy's spectacular den of debauchery SOS. It's been a while, since I've DJ'ed to a load of freaks & queers - I had simply forgotten how much fun it was. What added to the pleasure was the amount of people I haven't seen properly from my days co-founding Kashpoint; Viktor, Petter Wallenberg, Piers Atkinson, Niyi.

I had a ball vogue-ing with Jamie Bull who runs the ingenious tumblr http://4fucksakebabes.tumblr.com/

I'm not that nostalgic, but it was nice to be united with my nightclub brothers & sisters, once again. I was dancing on tables & falling over after too much vodka. Two of my favourite past times. Oh and coming out of a club when the sun is rising.