Thursday, 2 January 2014


CRUX is a London Based Improvised Audio-Visual Collective inaugurated in January 2013, by Club Legend & Artist, Matthew Glamorre. For 6 weeks, CRUX was run as an underground, interactive, performance soiree, somewhere in the depths of Soho. Music was improvised all night by Glamorre, alongside Minty’s Richard Torry & Composer Neil Kaczor. I also joined in the house band's musical monstrosities on keyboard & vocals.
We were joined by guest performers such as Kimatica Studio, Winnie The Poof, She Pig, Salena Saliva Godden & Walter from Atsuko Kudo. Resident photographer, Gaynor Perry spectacularly captured the series of events. Special Thanks goes to Erik Moore & all at Zero 1 I Soho. Resident VJ's included by Manu Panos, Marek Tarkowski, Dr Linda Hogg & Glamorre
The Series below is a range of shots of myself in action at CRUX, taken by Gaynor Perry. I was also busy snapping some of the performances in action courtesy of Instagram addiction, so stay tuned for further posts!

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