Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Ripley Scroll at The Science Museum

Named after Alchemist George Ripley, The Ripley Scroll was a golden key in the understanding of The practices & beliefs of Alchemy. Intended to be viewed in a single glance, they were often accompanied by English Alchemical Poetry.
The Scroll on display at The Science Museum dates from the 18th Century & is thought to have been commissioned by a wealthy patron. These intricate shots were taken on an afternoon's stroll round The Science Museum & is part of the 'Signs, Symbols & Secrets,' exhibition until April 2013. God Bless Instagram.

This is the Dragon Ourobos: a symbol of chemical dissolution. He dissolves silver & gold which are symbolised by the moon & sun.

 This is believed to be Hermes Trismegistus; the legendary inventor of Egyptian Alchemy & author of the emerald tablet; the most important of all alchemical works.

These three figures symbolise the body, spirit & soul. Alchemists often describe metals as being like bodies.
 The chemical process in the creation of the philosopher's stone as taught to an apprentice.

Bird of Hermes

Three balks red,white & black represent different uses of philosophers stone, one of which is the ability to transform metal into gold/silver & to produce good health & longevity.

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