Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bishi & The Diamond Jubilee

Love or Hate The Monarchy, there's no denying they know how to put on a good show & create the most jaw dropping spectacle. Whether it's weddings, flotilla's or post pop concert fireworks, no one tops The House of Windsor. Personally, I am interested in The Royal Family as a controversial institution that continue to divide the people in their opinions.

I was amazed how  the feeling was on the streets of London was wonderfully mellow with empty champagne bottles lining up The Embankment instead of the traditional pools litter & vomit. 


The New Line of Bishi Ltd edition Prints & Ceramics are on display as part of a groups show called, 'Souvneir.'

Curated by Josh Knowles, The Pump House Gallery in Battersea, is hosting a month long exhibition of Royal Memorabilia provided by the public. 'Souvenir,' is an on going project by Knowles about popular culture, mass production & souvenirs.
Here are some photos about the exhibition:

In the spirit of Queens & regality I just have to add how INCREDIBLE I thought Grace Jones, Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones & McCartney were at The Diamond Jubilee Concert. It was the legends who were showing up the kids this week. And what a joy it was.


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