Saturday, 10 September 2011

Behind the Artwork, Behind the Music

Dear Bishi World. Welcome to the virtual unveiling of my Single Artwork. I'd like to thank the amazing team for coming together & making this happen...!

Photo by Dominic Harris

Projections by Noriko Okaku

Head Piece by Christian Landon:

Make up by Maria Papadopolou:

Nun's Cowell by Sybil Rouge

Art Direction by Matthew Hardern & Bishi

I thought I'd add a few more pictures that inspired me behind making this image:

This is a still from a film by Vittorio De Sica, called 'A Night like Any Other.' It was recently curated in an exhibition by Rankin called 'The Peroni Collection – Italian Style on the Silver Screen.' I love the entire sex & sophistication of the entire genre of 60s Italian Films.

This is a still from my most recent show, 'The Power of Projection,' with a projection made by Noriko Okaku. Projections have been an ongoing theme in my music performances this year with special outfits co-designed by myself. Noriko's been one of our key collaborators  & it's been great to have her wonderful visuals, a part of the of the Single Artwork.

Here is a bit of blurb, behind the music, of 'Dia Ti Maria':

Bishi’s new single.'Dia Ti Maria' is an 8.5 minute choral piece; a song of loss, fortitude and self-realization.

Inspired by the Greek Orthodox liturgy, the 1st and last sections are written in Koine (Biblical) Greek. The English lyrics are quotes from the speeches of Satan in Milton's Paradise lost.

Originally commissioned by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus the US debut grabbed the front page of the New York Times who announced Bishi as the 'New British Diva'.

Bishi sings all 50 voices on the recording…

'I chose to sing all the parts because, for me, the piece is about light and darkness within ones own mind and self'

Rich harmonic writing develops from the clusters of Bulgarian throat singing to the more open, pastoral harmonies of English folk. The atmosphere moves from despair to realization and resolve.

Vocal techniques suggestive of Ligeti and Meredith Monk can be heard in the occasional slides and ‘asides’ to give a sense of melodic fluidity to the musical landscape.

The live presentation is an immersive video performance with Bishi centre screen surrounded by projected images of herself. Halos and choirs, inspired by Byzantine icons, radiate around her while the costumes and stage design owe much to Lempika, Erte and the cinematic choreography of Busby Berkeley.

Can't wait to play it for you all!
Stay Tuned for more updates!

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