Monday, 5 September 2011

On a Projection Tip - Ron Arad's, 'Curtain Call.'

This year, The Roundhouse hosted Ron Arad's, 'Curtain Call,' which was a spectacular 360 degree interactive installation

Made out of 5,600 silicone rods suspended from an 18 metre diameter ring, the curtain became an visually tantalising canvas for film & performance. Arad curated a programme of his favourite artists, who were basically a load of his mates,  especially for the event.

Over the last year the work I've been making/collaborating on has been about creating interactive environments with music & immersive projections so this was right up my strasse.

One of the things I love about projections is their timeless quality - there has a been  a well documented history of Projections within Performance, from Warhol & The Velvets, to Laurie Anderson & beyond. Somehow, projections never loose their power.

Visitors were encouraged to walk around & through the curtains. The middle of the space somewhat resembled a student sit in for the ipad generation, but in the most charming possible light. Pun intended.

My favourite piece by Christian Marclay, was even performed live by Steve Beresford.
Marclay didn't just utilise the visual space, but designed the sound for the 360 environment so the sound would correlate with the movement of the pianists hands.

As ever, it was great to see the worlds of Music/Art/technology collide with such stunning aplomb. I still think that more personality based work needs to be explored through this medium.
But it was a  glorious way to spend a couple of hours on a rainy August in Camden!

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