Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A weekend of Special Ladies....

I was very proud of my oldest friend, Patrick Wolf headlining the Roundhouse, last friday. If The Roundhouse was an oyster then Patrick was it's glittering pearl - quite literally in his sequin top!

My favourite moment was when his father, Derek, donning a black trilby, joined him onstage for the encore. He gave it loads of welly on the saxophone, while Patrick jumped up & down hyper-actively.

Patrick then informed the audience that Saxophone was a punk instrument is the 30s {quite right.} He got the loudest cheer as he ranted about 'C*nts like Duran Duran,' who made the Sax cheesy in the 80s. Atta Boy!
photo by Pippa Brooks read her review:http://www.madamesays.com/2011/11/08/madame-says-bishi/

I had the honour of supporting Baby Dee at Cafe Oto , on Saturday. We met after her show for Frieze Projects 2010. Dee had a feeling we would work again soon & there we were. Dee's new album, 'Regifted Light,' was produced by Andrew WK, whose sofa I was sleeping on over the summer, courtesy of his wife Cherie Lily. Hey folk -It's a small world!

Originally a church organist, Dee told me about developing an act, within a month of learning the harp, dressed in a bear costume. The Harp was also played on a high unicycle, where she would apply her make up with magic marker pen prior to each performance. It's astonishing to think that Dee only started writing songs 12 years ago, as they breath of  such a timeless magnificence.

Dee was also joined onstage by Marc Almond & David Tibet of Current 93, a personal hero of mine! Here's a version of Dee's, 'Idumea,' from the Current 93 album, 'Black Ships Eat The Sky.'

The premiere of 'The British Guide to Showing Off,' by Jes Benstock, was a documentary charting the history of Andrew Logan's Alternative Miss World. The film starred an all star cast which included Brian Eno, Grayson Perry, Divine,  Leigh Bowery, Matthew Glamorre, Zandra Rhodes, Molly Parkin & Andrew himself!

A pissed up crowd of dress ups, freaks & show offs congregated at The Prince Charles Cinema, whooping & cheering manically throughout the film. There was even a section of me singing, my song 'Indian Skin,' at the 2009 Alternative Miss World. I was so thrilled to be included in the film & relieved that I didn't want to vomit at the sight of myself on the big sceen. Yay!

I felt the most important thing about, 'The British Guide to Showing Off,' is its standing as a historical document, shoulder to shoulder with the likes  'The Cockettes' & 'Paris is Burning,' documentaries. It will educate & inspire generations to come. Bravo to all involved.

Photo by Honey Manko.

The revellers then continued onto our party, Kashpoint, which we brought back for it's 9th Birthday. It was so good, I have spent two days recovering in bed from a weekend of very special Ladies… Thanks to all who came out in support.
Until next time….xxx

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