Tuesday, 11 October 2011

'Postmodernism,' at the V&A

 'Postmodernism' at the V&A is a design based retrospective from the 70s-90s charting what the V&A claim to be 'the most controversial movement in art & design history,' as the era 'defies definition.'

Since most of my friends & contemporaries have been born within these decades, the postmodern aesthetic has been the only state we've ever lived in & don't know any better. {Hooray!}

From Postmodernism's Italian roots, to design Collective 'Memphis,' Ridley Scott's 'Blade Runner & the art of Jenny Holzer - 'Postmodernism' is a feast for all the senses.

The Room that resonated with me the deepest contained Music, projections, artefacts & costumes, from the likes of Grace Jones, Klaus Nomi, Leigh Bowery, Talking Heads & Devo.
There was even an entire enclave dedicated to Laurie Anderson's, 'Oh Superman.'

This room had almost church like connotations for me & came as a relief to see these performers represented in a gallery context- at last.
For years I've struggled in board room meetings & interviews in the music industry & press media to try & communicate the sort of musician/performer I've been influenced by & have always aspired to be. And here they all were.

I just want to say that real music fans {That's all of you - off course!} have always understood the true postmodern performer.
It's where art, design, theatre & technology orbit around Music & where the Music serves as the most important nucleus of any piece of work.

Fellow Friend, Collaborator, Friend & Blogger, Fred Butler said, of the exhibition, 'It's like our brains crammed into a museum.' Right she was.
Get thee to the temple!

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