Monday, 29 August 2011

Speaking of Hot Nuns...

I saw this fabulous movie the other night called Ms.45.
It's one of Abel Ferrara's earliest pictures & stars the beautiful lip luscious Zoe Tamerlis Lund; who would later go onto develop the script of 'Bad Lieutenant,' with Ferrara.

Tamerlis plays Thana, a mute seamstress, who after being brutally raped twice in a day, swears revenge on all men, murdering just about any man who crosses her path.
The film concludes with the staff Halloween Party, where Thana decides to go dressed as a Nun & a hot Nun at that.

After her boss tries to take advantage of her, she tears onto dance floor in a cold blooded killing spree. The distinctly New Wave dance floor descends into a bloodbath, until a female colleague stabs her to death.

It's rough, It's exploitation & I LOVED it.
Ferrara captures the sleazy wilderness that was Manhattan in the early 80s with a stark brutality. It reminds me of the bleakness of New York City, written in books like Legs McNeil's, 'Please Kill Me.'

He also explores a certain kind of sexism young women have to deal, where they feel they can't often fight back a man's unwanted advances, with a raw honesty you don't often see in the pictures.

Most of all I was relived there was another Nun with red lipstick! Here's one of my official Press shots from my forthcoming release, 'Dia Ti Maria.'

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