Friday, 26 August 2011

Bishi New Single Shoot - Nunita Forever!

Dear Bishi World,
This November, I will be releasing my new single, 'Dia Ti Maria,' on Gryphon Records. Expect a lavish launch, which off course you will all be cordially invited to, in due course. The image above is a Production Still from the shoot of the single cover.

'Dia Ti Maria,' is a 9 minute choral epic made from 50 layers of my voice. It's sung partly in Ancient Greek & quotes lyrics from John Milton's, Paradise Lost.'

In Pre-Production talks, we were thinking along the lines of transforming me into an avant garde Nun, for the single cover. The influences for the artwork range from the likes of Byzantine Icons, Powell & Pressburger, Tamara de Lempicka & Busby Berkely. But with a very Bishi Twist.

Check out this link to  the trailer Powell & Pressburger's, 'Black Narcissus'

Red Lipstick & Nuns Habits never looked so tantalising together, have they?

I really enjoyed wearing a Nun's Cowell. I was almost thinking of wearing it down the pub for a pint to tickle the locals - Them rough boys love a bit of entertainment. But by the end of the shoot I wanted to collapse in bed & watch the i-player.
Who says Glamour is easy kids?
There's also this awesome fashion show from Frederico Fellini's 'Roma,' which I'm using as research for more 'Looks,' in the upcoming video shoot.

This Ecclesiastical Fashion Show is the most memorable scene in 'Roma,' by far.

The single cover was shot by Dominic Harris with visuals by Noriko Okaku. They've both been long term Bishi collaborators, back from the days of running Kashpoint. I can't wait to show you all the final result, but you will have to hold tight!
Check out their work:

Until Next Time,

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