Saturday, 27 August 2011

Joan La Barbara - ICON

Joan La Barbara has been the single most important influence on me as a vocalist this year.
Throughout her career she has radically explored the human voice as a multi faceted instrument, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the voice.
La Barbara  has a wide history of collaborations with the likes of Phillip Glass, Morton Feldman & John Cage to visual artists such as Kenneth Goldsmith, Bruce Nauman, Judy Chicago & Christian Marclay.

Arguably her most memorable contribution to the mainstream was her vocal composition of the alphabet on Sesame Street. Check out the video below:

This is an amazing front cover from an album, I'm having trouble finding, called 'Tape Songs.' She looks like she is clad in a creation by knitwear master, Craig Lawrence!

Here is an excerpt from Morton Feldman's 'Three Voices,' Sometimes I feel it's the only music I really respond to as I drown trying to catch up in sea of new album releases!

Her website currently states that she is working on a full scale opera as we speak.
Yay - Who gonna be my date?
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