Friday, 30 March 2012

'Albion Voice,' - New Bishi Album.

 'Albion Voice' is the album I've been working on this year, to be released on May 25th. The title track, also the lead single, due for release on April 23rd 2012.

In the year London has the Olympics & Diamond Jubilee, graced on it's uncompromising streets, I wanted to make a record that questioned the search for a multi-cultural identity in England today.

This song was originally written on a ukulele in Buenos Aires, having been inspired by reading a Michael Bracewell book called, 'England is Mine.'  It's been performed in the Brighton Pavilion with legendary folk musician, Martin Carthy, who is famed for having inspired, Simon & Garfunkel's 'Scarborough Fair.'
I was also honoured to have John William's string section, play Neil Kaczor's incredible string arrangements. {That's right - John Williams of 'Star Wars' & 'ET' fame!}

I've been buy filming the video in Chichester in one of those freak weeks where England has been blessed with the most glorious weather.

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