Friday, 18 May 2012

Andre J - What's in Your Bag?

I can only describe encountering Andre J, for the 1st time, as like coming across a unicorn in a dark storm. I was totally transfixed by Andre's presence, as she/he glided into a nocturnal soho fashion soiree. When I went over to introduce myself, she/he was SO adorable, I was relieved. Sometimes these things do not always go hand in hand.

Andre J is a genderless super heroic fashion/ nightclub legend hailing from New Jersey, who was famously broke down the barriers of  gender when Carine Roitfeld  put her/him on the front cover of Vogue Paris.

Andre then exploded onto The London Scene, being well known for hosting Jim Warboy's legendary nightclub, Caligula - I'm sure many a London freak harbours fond memories of being wasted in the Victorian Bathouse near Liverpool St.

Warboy even created an infectious club hit 'I am' which has since gone on to be a viral smash.

From her/his Facebook updates, I see Andre is also an empowerment coach to young girls in The Lower East Side. I like to describe her/him as a harmonious blend of James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, George Clinton & Willie Ninja - That's a lot of DNA honey.

I am lucky enough to have become close with Andre. She/He was a real support & source of strength to me when I was in the states last year. And we partied GOOD.

Now Andre is back with her/his own TV show, 'What's in your bag,' where regular New Yorkers are stopped in the streets to have their bags given a good seeing to. And to wax lyrical, street style with Andre.

It's awesome & wonderful to see the way people react to Andre. She/He radiates such love, that her positivity breeds back warmth & joy in all the people she/he meets. It's almost Buddhist.

Now all I got to ask is, when are you back in London GIRL? We miss you!

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